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How to quickly make extra cash for your move

Individuals, families and even business owners sometimes fail to have enough money to cover all of their moving expenses, including costs related to buying supplies, hiring movers, paying for meals, maintaining vehicles and handling emergencies. The fact is that you don’t have to do much to make the cash you need for your move:

  1. Collect any items that you no longer need or can easily replace.
  2. Photograph the items so that they look their best.
  3. Post the images along with prices and a message about your move on social and classified ad websites.
  4. Hold a well-promoted, weekend yard or garage sale in your neighborhood.

As you can see, you can quickly make money by simply selling unwanted stuff. Best yet, you reduce the amount of property you need to move, which also saves you money.

We believe that no one should ever wake up on the day of their move worried about whether they have enough funds to handle every possible outcome, which is why we regularly offer money-saving tips like this one here on our blog. Residents and business owners in Colorado Springs know that 5 Star Moving and Storage, Inc. is a mover that they can trust. Contact our team today for more tips or to schedule your next move.

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