6 Tips for Reducing Your Office Moving Stress

Office Moving CompanyAt 5 Star Moving & Storage in Colorado Springs, we understand that any move can be challenging. But when it comes to office moving, with important files and documents that absolutely cannot be misplaced, lost or ruined, the stress can be overwhelming.

Today, 5 Star Moving & Storage offers six tips to reduce office moving stress. We’re passing along the knowledge we’ve gained from years of experience moving households, offices, military personnel and others across town, even out of state.

It is important to remember that moving an office must be quick and efficient, so you don’t lose any customers due to the inconvenience.

Most people will be understanding if you give them a heads up and a designated time that you will be back up and running at full-speed. Here are even more tips to turn a commercial move into a much less stressful experience.


Plan your move well in advance. Three months may seem like overkill, but you will be surprised by how much there is to accomplish during this transition. Your customers will appreciate the time to prepare also.

Make sure your employees are on board with the move, ready to pitch in on various tasks at hand and able to juggle daily demands with packing up and getting ready for the move. For larger companies, you might ask for volunteers from each department to coordinate office moving efforts within their team.

With a longer lead time, you’ll also have time to get rid of outdated electronics, desks and office furniture. You can sell items online, coordinate a donation pick-up, perhaps have a “garage sale” in your parking lot.


This will take up quite a bit of time, depending on the size of your office and the amount of data that will need to be taken off of old, outdated computers, phones, and laptops. You may even have paper files sitting in file cabinets gathering dust even though their data that has been captured digitally.

Properly disposing of these items when office moving is an important security step and should be done diligently.

Ensure you have someone that is knowledgeable in removing personal data from all devices and knows how to wipe them clean of information. This may be an internal department or external service provider. Just make sure they have the skillset to handle the job.

For paper files, there are commercial shredding companies that can handle volume quickly and efficiently. Some can even send out a truck to your location and shred on-site. They’ll then recycle your waste.


Giving items designations is a good way to organize yourself and a trick that we use here at 5 Star Moving & Storage.

Basically, first move the items that are not that important to your new location. Label everything very carefully and visibly. Place those items in a spot that is out of the way in your new office and follow with the important day to day essential boxes that you need access to on a daily basis.

This way you avoid stress and the time it takes to rummage through supplies. Therefore, business, as usual, can continue without interruptions.


To avoid frustration and confusion with your clients, have someone in your office oversee informing them of the move and all the details. Typically, this falls into the realm of a marketing department.

If you do not have one, here are a few options anyone can take on:

  • If clients come to your office or if you have a retail location, put signs up where people will see them. Include the date of the move and the new address.
  • For both clients and vendors, tuck a note in with receipts and invoices.
  • Send out an email blast with a service like MailChimp. If you have a smaller client list, a basic email will suffice. Just be sure to protect their privacy by adding yourself as the “To” recipient and clients in the “BCC” field.
  • Add notifications to your website and all social media platforms.
  • Add an announcement to your incoming call message and voice mail.

When you do finally move into your new commercial space, you won’t be dealing with the fallout of misunderstandings or even lost business.


If you’re moving to an office with smaller square footage, the overhead costs will be lower, but what do you do with all your extra stuff? The best way to go is to store items before you move. There’s no sense in cramming too much stuff into a small space only to move unneeded items to storage later.

5 Star Moving & Storage has just the right solution, offering climate controlled and secure storage vaults in various sizes to accommodate all your office goods.

Our competitive and reasonable rates are ideal for long or short term storage, and we inventory every item that comes through our doors to ensure accountability. We even have an automatic billing system for your convenience. You get the necessary space needed without all the clutter.


The last thing you need is for clients to not be able to find you. In this day and age of smartphones, Google Maps, Waze, and more, it is one thing to change your physical address, but let’s not forget about your cyber address as well.

Make sure your data on directory sites is up to date so people can find you when they punch in your address or search on the web. You can create accounts on search engines and update your information as well as other sources and references.

Many sites on the internet that will redirect traffic to your business including, Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle, YellowBot, Manta, MapQuest, Foursquare, and the list goes on.


Along with these tips, communication at every step is vital. Keep your staff well informed of what is going on well ahead of time.

There could be a lot of anxiety in regards to the future of their jobs and why the move is taking place, as well as many more unanswered questions. It is best to have a meeting with all employees, explaining the situation and hopefully setting their minds at ease.

Finally, remember that our commercial moving team at 5 Star Moving & Storage has the experience to ensure your move is seamless, so your employees can concentrate on the important business at hand.

Call or contact us today for a free quote.

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