Commercial Warehouse Storage

5 Star Moving and Storage, Colorado Springs, Colorado

In need of commercial warehouse storage?  5 Star Moving and Storage provides business storage services.  We operate a clean and secure 20,000 square foot warehouse with 30-foot ceilings and a 2000 square foot mezzanine for oversized items and separate storage vaults for our customers.  We offer both long term and short term storage at competitive rates.

  • Our warehouse offers both dock high bays and ground access.

  • We are a “hands-free” experience.

  • We will prep, pack, and deliver your items into storage.

  • We promise a hassle-free and convenient experience.

When you need to access them again we will deliver to you or you can pick them up from our warehouse docks. We manage all storage facility security in-house using advanced equipment, as well as monitor temperatures and atmospheric conditions of our warehouse 365 days a year. 5 Star makes it easy to store items when renovating a home or commercial space, downsizing a business, relocating, or even temporary/seasonal storage so call one of our commercial storage experts today so we can get your storage needs taken care of.

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Real Estate and Home Staging Storage

5 Star Moving and Storage can be the perfect place to store your home staging supplies or custom home building supplies while not in use.  We have the expertise to pack and store your entire home staging furniture and props so that you have one less thing to worry about.  We can store your construction equipment or excess construction supplies until you need them again.

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Commercial Warehouse Storage

Ensure your commercial products are stored securely in our temperature and atmospheric monitored warehouse.   So whether you are between locations or just looking for some extra storage 5 Star Moving and Storage can help.  Our storage is specially useful for contractors, electricians, distributors, landscapers or any business that has extra products to store occasionally, seasonally or on an ongoing basis.  From equipment to products, save yourself the cost of storing these materials yourself and take advantage of our secure storage.