5 Star Moving and Storage Employees Of The Month

5 Star Moving and Storage, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Tim Tucker, Employee of the month 5 Star Moving and Storage

Tim Tucker

November, 2022
I have been with 5 Star moving since we opened in 2007. I am a lead crew member and assist with training in the field. I love being a part of the growth of the company.

Employee of the month Oct 2022

Josh Toves

October, 2022
I am a crew lead. I love going out to new jobs and meeting new people. I am super easy going and like to make sure our customers are happy with our service.

Employee of the month September 2022

Matthew Mc Peak

September, 2022
I have been with this company 1 1\2 years. I love staying active while earning money. I am a mood brightener and can turn a frown upside down.

Employee of the month August 2022

Mark McPeak

August 2022
I have been with the company about a year. We have great training programs. I enjoy learning new techniques and ways to provide excellent customer service.

Employee of the month, June 2022

Caitlyn Chatlos

June, 2022
I really like working with the teams and helping each other in all areas of the moving industry

Employee of the month, May 2022

Robert Mills

May 2022
This is my first job out of high school and I have been with 5 Star Moving for 2 years. I enjoy learning and growing with the team, My specialty is disassemble and reassembly off household goods.