family packing and moving

Getting ready to move

When it comes to moving, all you have to do is pack your stuff, and they transport it – right? If it were only that easy. There’s a lot that must happen between the instant you opt to move and when the work is really complete. Our 5 Star Moving & Storage team in Colorado Springs is ready to help with your move so don’t panic.

If you don’t know where to start out, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. So today, we break down what goes into prepping for your mover.

  • Organize Your Move

Prepare a budget to keep everything aligned with what you wish to spend. This should include movers, professional packers, packing supplies, storage if needed, even extra cash set aside for eating out after your kitchen is in boxes. Next, put together a dedicated moving calendar and aim for certain goals on certain days. A move that’s a month away may feel like you have plenty of time, but between work and kids and other obligations, the days can slip by very quickly.

  • Change Your Address

Once you know when you’ll be moving, you can get started on letting friends, family, and businesses know of your address change by sending out notifications by email or snail mail. Don’t forget to cancel any subscriptions and utilities.

  • Take Full Inventory

When prepping for your moving company this important step will give you peace of mind knowing that nothing went missing or sustained damage during the move. After completely unpacking, refer to your list, even photos or videos, if you suspect something is missing. This will ensure you have the proof and the protection if needed for a claim. It is also wise to jot down serial numbers of your electronics.

  • Purge What You Don’t Need

This is a hard one for most people. What do you keep and what do you get rid of to make more space in the truck and even your new home? It may be helpful to enlist a friend to help you decide what stays, what goes to charity, what you can sell, and what is just plain garbage. By having a second opinion from a friend or loved one, the task can be a fun and entertaining. If needed, you can also set aside any items that you would rather put into storage instead of donating, selling or tossing.

  • Move Packed Boxes to One Room

When it comes to prepping for your moving company, having all of your boxes in one place will make for a more effortless residential move. Your movers can work quickly and won’t be left standing there or asking questions about what else goes into the moving truck. This also saves you time as well as money. You should also strip your linens off beds and take down any artwork from the walls, wrapping them for protection. Don’t forget to clearly mark your boxes with legible writing.

As you pack your home, put together a travel bag with all your necessities, including a few days’ worth of clothing, toiletries, medications and other personal items you don’t want to search for upon arrival. Also, pack and special label a box with items you’ll need right away such as a coffee maker and dishes.

  • Have Fun!

This is probably the most important point of all. This should be an exciting time for new beginnings, so why not relish the moment of something new. Keeping a good sense of humor throughout the process will keep you and everyone around you in good spirits.

Should you pack your items, or should you hire a professional?

A full-service mover will take care of every aspect of your move from start to finish. They will pack, load, move and unload your items. If you want to save a little bit of money, you can opt to pack it all yourself.

But it may pay off using the full-service moving option for a couple of reasons. If your Colorado Springs moving company packs for you, they’ll come prepared with boxes and tape, know how to properly wrap fragile items and work quickly. They’ll ensure the boxes are not too heavy or under packed, even disassemble any furniture that comes apart to ensure you maximize your space in the moving truck.

So, there are our tips on prepping for your moving company. And if you decide to choose us for your big day, 5 Star Moving & Storage will be there from the start until the last box has been safely delivered.

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