Make Moving Easier with a Garage Sale

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Make Moving Easier with a Garage SaleMoving soon? You can always make moving easier with a garage sale! Today, 5 Star Moving and Storage in Colorado Springs offers our quick tips for a successful sale. And once you’ve unloaded all that clutter, we can make your move even better by providing all the essentials. We offer packing tools, moving of large and heavy items, and transporting all your personal belongings to their new place in our air ride vans that are safe and reliable.

A garage sale can be a fun and profitable start to your move to a new home. Follow these simple steps to help lighten your load and put some money in your pocket:

  1. Keep it or chuck it

Here is where a good friend can come in handy to give you an honest opinion on what you should take with you, and what you shouldn’t. Have a look at your large items, such as furniture, pictures, etc. Will they still look good in your new home? Will they fit in the desired area? Be honest and willing to let go. 

  1. Get everyone involved

Make it a family, friends and neighbors event. Let them pitch in on the garage sale by offering up some of their unwanted items that are just kicking around the house. Sometimes having one large event can bring out a bigger crowd with more interest and sales! 

  1. The best time

Choose a weekend with hours from 8-4pm. People are always looking for fun ways to spend a weekend and things to do. This allows working people to have a chance to get in on some of your goodies. 

  1. Where?

Be sure you have ample parking space and room for all your items, including space to move around and look at things. Do not violate any city codes, and even consider renting a hall if space is an issue. 

  1. Advertise

With social media sites, there is no reason people should miss a big garage sale event. You can also put ads in the local paper, street signs with visible writing and large letters, directions and arrows are always helpful too! 

  1. Be ready

If you advertise for an 8 am garage sale, be sure you are ready and waiting for customers to arrive. Remember, if you don’t want early birds, you must specify that in your ad. Make sure you have plenty of change on hand, a cash box, and clearly mark and label your items with prices. Ensure the area is clean, free of dirt or distractions. This is also a good rehearsal for your move – if you go with 5 Star Moving & Storage for your residential move, you can be we’ll arrive right on time. 

  1. Put your best stuff in front

By placing your unique, high priced items right where people can see them best when driving by, you may get them to stop and check you out, rather than driving on by to the neighbor’s yard sale down the road. Avoid placing lots of clothes in the front, or books, and be super organized with your items. 

  1. Weather

Yes, it is out of your control, but try to pick a time like spring or summer when you know the skies will be blue and not raining on your parade. No one wants to be out treasure hunting in the wet and cold. On the flipside, if it’s hot and sunny, bring out your pop-up canopy or borrow one from a friend. 

  1. Accept credit cards

Yes, believe it or not, in today’s day and age, if you own a smart phone or tablet, you can download an app such as the Square reader, and start accepting credit cards at your garage sale. This is a real bonus, especially if you have high priced items or large flea market buyers coming around. Many people will want to use this feature, and it just takes a little research on your part to set it up. 

  1. Give your best price

Knowing the market value of your items will make bargaining a whole lot easier on everyone. Do some research regarding your items for sale, and see what the going rates are for what you have. If your prices are too high, people will either be offended or not even bother to negotiate with you. Of course, you don’t want to sell yourself short on antiques or valuable items, so be armed with a good response when someone asks you where you got the price for that specific item. 

  1. Be tidy and systematic

Hang anything that can be hung up, such as pictures and clothes. Place small trinkets on a table that does not require bending down; put similar items together, and make sure everything is clean.

  1. Be fun, outgoing and confident

When people see you having fun, smiling and genuinely enjoying yourself, it is contagious, which means you will probably sell more. Have lots of bags available for people to take their treasure home in. And be personable, reasonable and willing to negotiate. Bundle items together to get rid of more stuff, and most importantly, be organized.

So now you have finished your successful garage sale but didn’t sell all the items. You can try to sell them on online auction sites to squeeze the last little bit out, or, you can also donate the items to charity or a local thrift shop. A lot of charity shops will even pick up items free of charge, so check out their websites to get a better idea of their pickup methods and schedule.

5 Star Moving and Storage in Colorado Springs wants you to have a fresh start in your new place of residence, so make moving easier with a garage sale! It can be fun, profitable, and save you lots of space when moving into your new digs, as well as moving company costs in the long run. Call 5 Star Moving and Storage today to set up your move, whether it’s in town or clear across the country!