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7 important things you need to know while your 5 Star Moving and Storage team is on the move.

We get it! Moving from one home to another is overwhelming, exhausting, and just downright stressful. There are still 7 things you should know to assist in getting the process done quickly, efficiently, and as smoothly as possible while your movers are moving.

1. Make Sure Your Home Is Ready For A Move

The most important thing you can do is to prepare your home for the big day. This includes making sure all access points to your home are accessible and pointing out where not. This includes possibly blocking and protecting access to the home or apartment by working with your neighbors or rental office to ensure your move goes off as smoothly as possible. All appliances should be disconnected and ready to go. All loose, small, glass, and electronic items are packed and labeled in the correct cartons if you opted to pack yourself

2. Keep Pets\Children Entertained and Out Of the Way

The energy levels of the two don’t mix well with a house full of movers. Both pets and children may be confused by the change in your routine and may feel uncomfortable. If you are unable to arrange for someone to look after them during these times, try to prepare a designated area in the home where the movers won’t need to be, or they can move that area at the end of the day. Keep this in mind at both locations!

3. Stay Clear of the Movers As Best You Can

You’ve hired professionals to help you move, and it’s important that you trust them to do what they’re supposed to do. There’s no need to hover over your movers telling them how to pack your items and load the truck. They know what they’re doing. Let them work. They know best, and if they ask questions, they’ll come to find someone to answer them. Small conversations with movers should be kept to a minimum while your movers are working. This will save you time and money. You are likely paying by the hour and even though getting to know your mover by conversing will often create more ease on your move, it does tend to slow the mover down with getting your move completed.

4. Pack Up Perishable Goods And Be Ready To Safely Transport them On Your Own

Your refrigerator and freezer will likely be full of food and beverages, but you shouldn’t forget about other perishable goods such as medications, toiletries, and cleaning products. Put those items into containers and label them clearly. Label each box with the contents inside so you know exactly what you’re taking with you. Be prepared with coolers and ice for things that need to remain refrigerated. Remember, movers can’t take any liquids, cleaners, flammables, or perishables, so be prepared to transport these things in your personal vehicle.

5. Valuable Items Should Be Left In Your Car.

While your movers are busy focusing on the heavy lifting, we recommend that you consider taking items like artwork, jewelry and other small electronics with you. Remember, any unpacked items cannot be safely stacked in the moving truck. So, if you don’t feel like packing that art in a mirror carton, or grandma’s lamp and lampshade in a box (or paying us to!), do yourself a favor and transport those items on your own. Speak with the movers about any limitations, and be sure to follow their instructions for a smooth and efficient relocation

6. It’s Important To Be Onsite during Your entire Move

While it’s important that you let the movers do their job, it doesn’t mean that you abandon the house and just wait for them in your new home. They may have other questions or concerns that require your help. You need someone who can help if something goes wrong. If you really cannot be there, ask a family member or close trusted family friend to stay in your old home with the movers while your belongings are being moved. This will help ensure that the move goes well and you’ll have someone to make sure your interests are cared for.

7. Final walk-through and payment of your move.

Check all areas of the home, closets, cabinets, outdoor storage, patios, and balconies for any missed items before movers depart to your new home. Second trips are an option, however, time is of value and you don’t want to pay more than you need to for the movers to go back for missed items you are unable to take yourself. Most companies collect payment at the end of the move. Please refrain from being on a call or talking with others in the home or walking away while finishing paperwork and closing out your bill. Your mover will need your undivided attention at this time to make sure that all areas of the move have been performed. Make sure you have payment ready at this time and that movers are not waiting for you to receive payment as this will add to the time owed. You may also decide to tip your movers to show appreciation for a job well done. Gratuity is never expected but is always very much appreciated.

Your move is sure to be a 5 Star success if you keep these 7 important things at the top of your list to know on move day.

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