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Of all of the statewide moving companies in Colorado, 5 Star Moving and Storage, Inc. is the best choice for all local moves, residential moves, across country moves, business moves, military moves, storage and more! At 5 Star, we know how to make the moving process smooth and hassle free. We move all types of homes and businesses all over the country or just down the street.

We can pack up your entire home or office, deliver it and unpack it too all with the best service. We are sure to pad, shrink wrap and protect your special and fragile items for safe moving, and our moving trucks are air-suspensioned for easy and smooth transportation of goods. Of all of the options available for statewide movers, 5 Star is a great choice in Colorado.
Our trustworthy and careful movers are experienced and conscious about how they handle our client’s belongings.  Our goals is to get your things to your new location in the same condition that you left them and we do it every day here at 5 Star Moving and Storage, Inc.
Contact us today for a free estimate. You will know that you chose the right company with 5 Star.

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