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DAMAGE FREE MOVING INTO YOUR NEW CUSTOM HOMEWe know that moving is a stressful time, that’s why it’s important to hire professionals like 5 Star Moving & Storage for damage free moving into your new custom home, as well as zero worries about lost or stolen items.

Most of us have had the experience of a large move at some point in our life, which most of us also know depends on a lot of help from family, friends, and neighbors. In today’s busy and hectic world, it is hard to find the help you need and in most cases, people just do not have the time or energy to commit. When it comes to an important move, spend the money and leave it all to the professionals. In the long run, you will not have the disappointing and energy-draining difficulties while making this transition and you can focus your attention on organizing and settling into your new home.

First and foremost, always look for a licensed and insured company that has great references and credentials just like 5 Star Moving & Storage. With air ride trucks for a smooth ride, as well as services and storage options that are military-approved for Department of Defense contracts, you cannot go wrong with our company giving you exactly what you need.

As you get started with your move, packing is extremely important to ensure your end results are not disappointing. By estimating the number of rooms you have, it will be easy to determine the amount of boxes needed and crew needed. Be sure to get estimates and quotes as well as references to set your mind at ease. Do not be disappointed by fly by night companies that will not deliver what they promise and may cause more damage than you can afford or handle. Damage free moving means you will have all your possessions delivered to you in the shape they started out in, protected and safe from any scratches, dents, and defects.  

When the day comes finally to make your move into a beautiful custom home, be confident knowing that your moving company is providing the best possible service and respect for your items, both of your homes, old and new, and is giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Pets should be clear of all areas to ensure they do not get underfoot or escape, and small children should be left with a babysitter or taken care of so as not to interfere.

You also want your movers to show up on the big day and not leave you stranded, so do your research diligently and ask many questions to get the information you are looking for to ensure a damage-free moving day into your new custom home. Most movers will work at a pretty good pace to get the job done on schedule and are trained to see potential risk factors for damage when moving fine furniture, art, large statues, glass, memorabilia, and prized possessions.

Be sure to discuss these items with your movers and stress the importance of a clean and safe move. While most companies carry insurance and liability, you still do not want to go through the horrible ordeal of losing something near and dear to your heart. There is a tried and tested formula when providing moving services, and the company you choose should point out all these important factors right from the start. Your moving company should sit down and discuss all your options for a safe and comfortable move from start to finish. They should be part of a moving alliance preferably and come with high recommendations, including a Better Business Bureau rating. 

If you can depend on a great company to get you through the hassle of a move, why wouldn’t you choose that option? 5 Star Moving & Storage goes to great lengths to help keep your items damage free when moving into your new custom home, whether right around the block or clear across the country.

We will design a plan that works for you and your budget, providing a floor plan that will ensure all your items go exactly where you need them to be. We will protect walls, corners, stairs and flooring using blankets, pads, tape and dollies for appliances and large furniture items. You can always opt to pack your personal items if you have the time and energy, or you can have the moving company plan and organize it all using labels and boxes, as well as a complete inventory of all your belongings.

You can also trust that 5 Star Moving & Storage can take moving day to the next level by providing damage free moving into your new custom home. We take the worry out of the equation with hassle-free moves, affordable prices, exceptional staff that is trustworthy, reliable and honest. You get the satisfaction of knowing your things are well taken care of.

Remember that when you jump at the lowest price, you usually you get what you pay for. Ask 5 Star Moving & Storage how we get it right every time and you will instantly see the difference between professional and not so professional. Your moving experience should be a joyous and happy day filled with excitement for the new and welcoming friends and family along the way. Make that happen today with 5 Star Moving & Storage. Feel free to get in touch today for your moving quote.

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