8 painless tips for your next move

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8 painless tips for your next moveDid you finally take the big step and purchase your dream home? Are you relocating? Or are you packing up for college? Wherever your next move takes you, be sure to have someone like 5 Star Moving & Storage by your side to take the stress and worry out of the equation and don’t forget these 8 painless tips for your next move because without these you may just get stuck in the mud.

  1. Try not to move during summer which stands to reason as it is hot and busy and rates can be substantially higher. The fall is a better option, and most employees are full time to ensure honesty and integrity.
  2. Be sure to tend to your paperwork, meaning a change of address and forwarding mail to the new place, utilities cancelled at the old place and scoping out options for the new place, informing your bank, insurance, realtors of any changes or concerns. These are little things that will set your mind at ease on the big day.
  3. When packing your household goods, especially liquids, secure them with cling wrap to avoid horrible and destroying spills. You can also put your jewelry in a wrap to avoid them being tangled and damaged, making life simpler when you unpack.
  4. The best day to move? Believe it or not, Sunday. Friday and Saturday being the worst because a survey states that 19% will choose these days.
  5. Be sure to have ample space for your movers when they arrive, so they do not have to walk too far with your items. Some movers will charge for these services otherwise or even if it is difficult to maneuver small spaces etc. Check with your moving company on their policies to avoid extra unforeseen charges such as labelling, assembling, disassembling and storage fees.
  6. Labelling neatly and clearly can save you a ton of time in the long run. Start with items that are less frequently used and pack by room avoiding mixing spaces. Mark boxes with black markers and large writing.
  7. Use what you have in the home for protecting your items such as linen, clothing, pillows, etc., saving you money on bubble wrap and keeping your items safe. Wrap your breakables in these items, use your large garbage cans as boxes, use garbage bags for blankets and more. 
  8. Don’t let pets or kids get in the way. This is a huge stress builder if everyone is constantly tripping over each other and wasting valuable time. Hire a sitter for your children and keep your pets out of the way. It may be a small added cost, but the day will go way smoother for everyone.

So there you have some great ideas for the big move. Research your company and be sure to implement these 8 painless tips for your next move. 5 Star Moving & Storage has been doing this for years in all aspects of your move ahead. Give them a call to get the ball rolling.

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