Top Packing Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

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packing boxes 5 Star Moving Colorado Springs5 Star Moving and Storage in Colorado Springs wants to share our list of the top packing mistakes to avoid when moving so you can have an easier and less hectic experience. Our professional movers and packers have seen it all and know what it takes to ensure a successful move. Today, let’s talk packing mistakes to avoid when moving so you can focus on the adventure of getting settled in your new place. 


We have all been guilty of a little procrastination, but when it comes to a move, just say no. The risks are just too high. Whether you have professional packers helping out or are on your own schedule for moving, waiting until the last minute to pack is the worst way to make a start in a new place. Instead, start early with a little packing every day. At least pack a few items every day to keep the process going. Also, start with the things you will not use for a while.

No Packing Strategy

Instead of just randomly starting to pack up your home, formulate a plan that includes a calendar of the days until the move. Write a list and start crossing off the least essential rooms first. That way, you will see the timeline and will not fall victim to an unruly packing disaster. Everything will feel more organized with a master plan in place.

Packing without Sorting

Sure, you can just pack absolutely everything you own without sorting any of it out, but you’ll inevitably end up keeping items you no longer need or want if you do so. Who wants to pay to take extra junk with you when moving to a new home? Instead, sort out items you can part with first, before packing them up. This is going to save you time, money, and space on both ends, leaving and arriving.

No Labels

Even though you think that you will remember what’s inside of each and every box, it’s a very difficult feat to actually accomplish. Instead, simply make a label, color-coded or not, to state what it contains. This is also going to help when you are getting assistance from others, so they will know where to place the boxed once inside the new residence.

Saying No to Extra Hands

Turning away help is one of the biggest packing mistakes to avoid when moving. Say yes to friends and family who want to pitch in, order a pizza and make it a party. Also, consider the many benefits of hiring professional movers to do the heavy lifting. You will be glad you did.

Running Out of Supplies

Instead of running low on supplies, grab extra packing supplies such as boxes and padding, so that you will be prepared to finish the packing job without having to stop and go out to get more. There may be no other more frustrating experience than to have to stop what you are doing to drive back to the home improvement store because you ran out of boxes and bubble wrap.

Packing the Wrong Way

Yes, there is a right and wrong way to pack your household items. Check out these tips to learn just what to do and what not to do while packing up your home.

Disassemble furniture as much as possible. The worst thing that can happen during the move is to find something broken, especially when it could have been prevented. Be sure to take apart anything that will come apart, including large and small furniture and anything that you assembled when you initially bought it. Besides preventing breakage, this just makes it easier to move items around.

Be sure to reinforce all boxes, especially if you plan to pack weighty items inside. Even though it is a simple rule to follow, it will save you a ton of hassles during the moving process. Your moving company and extra helping hands will thank you too.

Keep in mind this pretty basic rule of packing: place heavier items in small to medium boxes and lightweight items into large boxes. We know that it can be tempting to put all of one type of item into the same box even if it ends up weighing a ton. But avoid this impulse and only place heavy items into smaller boxes. A general rule of thumb is a max weight of 50lbs. per box and that is even pushing it. This rule especially applies to books which are typically some of the heaviest items in our home.

Remember that fragile items require a difference packing procedure than other items with less breakable construction. This is where having extra packing materials is going to help protect your breakables during the move. Soft packing paper and bubble wrap do wonders to safeguard valuables.

Hazardous and Delicate Items

This may be a no-brainer, but we have to mention it. One of the biggest packing mistakes to avoid when moving is improper handling of hazardous materials, perishables, plants or pets. If you are going to transport any of these items, they must be inside of your vehicle and not that of the moving company. These are all very delicate items that need extra special care, so never entrust them to anyone else.

Anything that is flammable, corrosive or explosive should simply be given away to friends or neighbors. Plants are fragile as you know and will need protection especially if it is cold. And obviously, pets require crates, kennels, food, water, etc. to relocate comfortably. Even in a crate or kennel, it’s not safe or humane for them to be stowed in a moving truck, even a short distance. They will need to ride with you.

No Essentials Kit

Don’t forget to pack essentials for a night’s stay or two. This should include a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, medications, relevant paperwork, change of clothes, kitchen utensils and cups for water, non-perishable foods/snacks, and whatever else you may need in case you cannot access packed belongings for a few days. You will be glad that you have this all set and ready to go ahead of time.

By knowing a few of the top packing mistakes to avoid when moving, you are going to have a better experience doing so. We are glad that you took the time to read our article. Do not hesitate to ask the experts at 5 Star Moving and Storage for help will all moves, here in Colorado Springs or long distance. Call for an estimate today so that we can get started on your relocation!

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