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Planning a Commercial Move

At 5 Star Moving and Storage in Colorado Springs, we’ll help make your business move as hassle-free as possible. With these tips for easy commercial moving, you and your team will have a less stressful experience when the time comes. You will be prepared and ready to make the move that will lead to even more success for your company. And we hope to be a part of it!

Should you use professional packing services? 5 Star Moving & Storage in Colorado Springs knows how stressful any commercial move can be, and we are here to help you every step of the way by providing good advice, a solid and honest reputation, and some great reasons why we think you should use professional packing services to help make your move an easy one!

Plan Ahead

When it comes to tips for easy commercial moving, we cannot stress this enough! Planning ahead will help everyone involved be more prepared and ready for the big move. We advise starting 4-6 months ahead of time to allow your company time for the smooth transition. Checking out the new space will definitely be a part of this process. Deciding the new layout and making a floor plan will assist not only the movers but your staff in getting their areas set up too.

Hire Early

Choose your commercial moving company as soon as possible, at least 1-3 months ahead of the move date. They will need to provide an on-site quote for services. You can also ensure their professionalism right from the start. They should offer the same standard of service as your company does. A great way to find the right movers can be through recommendations, so ask around.

Order New Equipment

Changing office locations is a great time to order new office equipment, update old and tired machines, replace them with the latest and greatest ones (or at least more functional and better than before). Do this step well in advance of the move date in order to ensure everything is correct and ready to go.

Purge the Old Stuff

Whatever can be thrown out, recycled, and given away, should be, before a commercial move. Less is more! This goes for all office equipment, furniture, machinery, paperwork and more.

IT Involvement

Your IT team will be invaluable getting the new space ready for work. So having them check it out ahead of time and make any necessary improvements and updates will no doubt save time and hassles later.


Every box should have a label with employee names and/or numbers to determine its destination. Not only will this help your Colorado Springs commercial movers, but your employees will also benefit from knowing exactly where to find their items when unpacking in the new space.


Especially for larger companies, using a color-coding system can make the relocation process a whole lot less messy! Instead of a list of names, give each department their own unique color to determine where boxes and furniture goes.

Address Update

Make sure everyone knows that your business is moving and where to. This may include your vendors and suppliers, clients via the website, Google online listings, marketing materials, business cards, etc.


Be sure to free up any appointments, deadlines, and the like on either side of your business move date. This will greatly reduce stress for your team and ensure that clients are still taken care of adequately during the transition.

With these tips for easy commercial moving, you and your team will be more than ready to move and get settled into your new space. Call the reliable team at 5 Star Moving and Storage today for friendly and high-quality professional commercial moving services.

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