finding boxes for your Colorado Springs move

Tips for downsizing and organizing belongings before your move

5 Star Moving & Storage

People often waste money during a move by failing to organize their belongings. They pay to transport items that they rarely or never use. They also spread out their belongings too much across unnecessary boxes. By following these tips, you can save money and have a stress-free move.

  • Instead of holding onto items for “someday” when you “might” have need of them, such as old clothes, jars filled with mismatched screws and single-use plastic containers, donate or sell them. Why waste your money on transporting the extra weight?
  • If you’re holding on to raw or recyclable materials like glass bottles, costume jewelry pieces or half-empty paint cans to use someday in art or hobby projects, ask yourself how difficult or easy it might be to replace these items later. Keep only the ones that would cost too much to replace.
  • Combine your belongings whilst packing so that you don’t need a ton of boxes. Place a small- or medium-sized bookcase on its back and pack lightweight items inside each opening. You can also double up with dresser drawers, hampers, tins and trash cans.

At 5 Star Moving & Storage, we are a Colorado Springs mover who provides tips like these so that our customers can enjoy the most hassle-free moves possible. For more tips or to discuss a moving or storage appointment, contact us today.

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