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Proper Packing for Easy Moving 5 Star Moving Colorado SpringsWhen it comes proper packing for easy moving, the experts at 5 Star Moving & Storage in Colorado Springs are here to show you just how simple it can be. By following these easy suggestions for moving down the street, clear across the state, even moving your business operations, you’ll streamline the process and hopefully experience a few less headaches.

For starters, proper packing for easy moving means getting rid of unwanted items that you just don’t use anymore. Have a friend or relative help in this process because their opinion will be valuable when you are unsure whether to keep something or dispose of it. You can even make a little money by having a garage sale, posting items for sale on social media, or just giving it all away to charity and feel good doing so.

Should you hire a professional mover? Well, most people will go for this convenient option, just for the ease of it all, and let’s face it, you must decide if realistically the move is too large or overwhelming for the amount of time you have. There are many factors to consider, so be sure to sit down and discuss how a professional mover like 5 Star Moving & Storage can ease the load. Perhaps you can do some of the packing to cut down on costs, and they can load the moving van and deliver to your destination. Ask for quotes and get everything in writing.

Boxes, this aspect of your move needs to be taken seriously. Ensure that your boxes are sturdy, and not so large that they cannot be picked up easily. Try to look for ones that have handles and be sure not to pack them too loosely. Professional packing services know that if you hear items shifting in the box, repack or add towels to keep from moving around and hence being damaged. Pack heavy items on the bottom and lighter towards the top, with plates and books packed vertically. Try to keep boxes under 50 lbs.

Labels and packing materials are essential for organization and proper packing for easy moving. Get good packing tape, wide-tip felt markers, a tape dispenser, bubble wrap, plastic wrap if needed, packing paper or newspaper, scissors, sharp knife, and a notebook. Mark the boxes with what’s inside and which room it is destined for. This will help immensely when it comes to the efficiency of your residential or commercial movers and save you a mountain of time! You may also want to put “FRAGILE” for breakable items, or “THIS END UP” for items that may spill.

General Moving Organization Tips:

  • Start packing rooms that are not being used or are seasonal, such as a craft room, attic, garage, kids room, playroom, etc.
  • Large items such as light fixtures, china cabinets or large mirrors should be left to the professionals and or crated
  • Proper packing for easy moving requires keeping similar items with similar items. Don’t mix and match; it will only be frustrating when it comes to unpacking
  • Empty out junk drawers with miscellaneous loose items and place them in jars or ziplock backs to keep them together
  • Wrap up all electrical cords and place in bags, along with coat hangers and hardware.
  • Seal boxes securely, unless you need the movers to inspect first
  • You can mark the rooms of your new place with numbers or letters that correspond to boxes, so the movers know which boxes go to which room, making it super easy for all involved
  • You can also mark your boxes with numbers indicating which boxes need to be unpacked first, second, third, etc.
  • Be sure to pack a small carry on bag which has your toiletries and items you will need to wear for the next few days, especially if you are moving to another state that may be quite a distance
  • Check to see if you have some of the original boxes for items such as electronics, blenders, etc., as these will have the original packing material for protection, and you will easily know what it is
  • Make sure you schedule disconnect times for your cable provider, electricity, and any other memberships you may have such as a gym and such
  • Provide your new address and details to banks, friends and family, and anyone that needs to know
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes, so you save your back from overdoing it
  • Take pictures of how your electronics are attached. This will save you time on setting them back up in your new place
  • Be sure to use storage bins and luggage for items such as blankets, towels or kitchen items, much better than leaving them empty
  • Make copies of any important papers and keep them with you in case you need them
  • Any items of value, such as jewelry or heirlooms should also be kept with you if possible during the move, though 5 Star Moving can certainly be trusted with your valuables
  • Be sure to leave some cleaning supplies out for the final cleaning when all the boxes have been removed, and the house is empty
  • Defrost and clean the fridge at least a day before you leave if you are not taking it with you
  • Proper packing for easy moving requires that heavy furniture be loaded first into the moving truck, followed by smaller items and lighter items on top
  • If possible, delegate tasks on moving day, so everyone knows what they are doing, and no time is wasted
  • Keep pets and children clear out of the way of movers on moving day, the last thing you need is someone injuring themselves

Now you know the basics of proper packing for easy moving when the day finally arrives. We are happy to provide all your moving needs from air ride secure moving vans, long distance skilled and bonded drivers, temperature controlled storage vaults and a reputation for being the best. Give us a call today at 5 Star Moving & Storage for a free moving quote.

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