Moving Companies Colorado Springs

Did you know that 5 Star Moving and Storage is a military-approved DOD shipper and packer? This means that we are held to high standards that you can trust. We should be the first moving companies in Colorado Springs you call.

If you need a residential or commercial civilian move, you can rest assured that you are getting a company who’s practices are about as highly regulated as they come. And you know our crews are trained in performing moves under strict guidelines. You can have confidence in our moving crews. Our friendly movers do this every day, full-time, so they are committed to doing a good job, and they take pride in their work.

If you are making a local move, you can pay by the hour. This results in a lower cost for you, because 5 Star Moving and Storage, a leader in moving companies in Colorado Springs, has the experience and professionalism to efficiently pack, load, and move you quickly.

If your life takes you to another location, and you are looking at moving companies in Colorado Springs, call 5 Star Moving and Storage. You can count on us to move your belongings safely.

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