Small home packing and moving service

Moving budget

At 5 Star Moving & Storage in Colorado Springs, we know that budget considerations when moving are important. We understand that you want the simplest move for an inexpensive rate, so today, we offer a couple of suggestions to urge you started, and in fact , stretch your dollar.

  • Move in the off-season if possible. Rates are usually less expensive if you require a moving company, and they will also have more time to give to your move.
  • Get quotes from at least 3 different moving companies to compare their services.
  • Be certain to use a reputable company that is accredited and carries the correct insurance to avoid losing or damaging your items. Protecting yourself and your personal belongings are your responsibility, do your research thoroughly.
  • To lighten the load, get rid of items you really don’t need. Give to charity, resell on social media websites or online auctions to make some extra cash. If you have excess items, consider an in-house auctioneer for a day.
  • Packing materials can be expensive. Use boxes from department stores and bedding, pillows and sheets as protectors for breakable items such as glassware, art and heirlooms.
  • 5 Star Moving & Storage can provide this option if you are unable to move everything at once, for reasonable rates. There are many storage unit sizes to choose from, with long and short rental options available.
  • Look for combo deals on storage and truck rentals.
  • Start packing early. Children’s rooms, craft rooms and items that are not often used is a great place to start your journey.

Set up a moving budget as well, this will be a great guideline to follow as you begin getting organized and packing. Details and hidden costs can add up quickly, so it is imperative not to forget anything when planning. Take the time to really go over all that needs to be done, from the truck rental or moving company, utilities set up, cleaning company, damage deposit, and more. The list can be long but doesn’t have to be intimidating.

As with most moves, you want things to go smoothly. Be sure to ask friends if they can help out, perhaps you can use their truck to move some items. Keep your pets and children out of the way when moving day arrives to avoid any unnecessary trips or accidents, and remember to have some snacks and drinks on hand to make the day an enjoyable one.

Don’t let your move be stressful and expensive. With these amazing budget considerations when moving, you will be well on your way to a great new start! And 5 Star Moving & Storage can help in a small or a big way, and everything in between. Give us a call for a quote, whether you’re moving across town or a thousand miles away.

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