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Declutter the clutter

If you’re facing an upcoming move, whether across the country, to a different state, or simply down the road, it always feels great to get rid of the clutter before you move. Why bring all those unnecessary items with you that you haven’t even looked at in the last. Maybe you didn’t even know you had all those items.

So, how do you go about cutting the clutter?

That is a good question because it can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if the move is a big one with many family members involved. Just remember, try to make it a fun event and ensure everyone gets involved. There are several tips to help get rid of the clutter when you move, and organization is the key to this equation. Here are some great ideas to get you started on getting rid of that clutter:

Start by getting some good boxes or plastic bins, packing materials, such as blankets and towels from your linen closet, pillows, and any padding you can find for delicate items such as dishes and breakables.

Organize by room, starting with a room that is not used as often where items won’t be needed during the move. Examples might be a sewing room or craft room, guest room, etc.

Plan a selling strategy for unwanted items. Post garage sales on social media, sell through online auctions such as eBay, have a good old fashioned garage sale (time permitting), or give some of your items away to charity for a good cause. You can also look at some recycling options.

This is a great start to getting rid of the clutter! If you are feeling overwhelmed with the move or the thought of lifting of heavy items, remember you always have the choice to hire a professional moving company such as 5 Star Moving & Storage. We make life a lot easier, especially if you are still working full-time. Remember, moving can be costly, and generally, the “cost” is based on the weight of what you own, so by getting rid of excess clutter and unwanted items, you will save money, space, and time.

Decluttering pays off when it’s time to move.

Generally, a reputable moving company will insist on providing a professional visual inspection and risk assessment followed by a moving quote on what costs you can expect. As you can see, when you get rid of the clutter when you move, your costs will be relatively less in the long run. This could afford you the much-needed assistance that a moving company can provide. Ask around about their reputation, and ensure you get a few quotes before choosing the right company for your move.

It’s normal to have a hard time letting go of “stuff”.

Most of us can honestly say we have been in that situation a time or two. If you are struggling with the decision of what should stay and what should go, invite a friend or family member over to help. It is an excellent way to reminisce over items that have a great story. Enjoy the memory but leave it behind if it has no place in your new space and new beginning.

And a final note of wisdom when trying to keep your clutter habits at bay in your new space, just because you moved to a larger house, doesn’t mean you need to fill it up with new things. Think of the time and energy, not to mention the money it takes to clutter up your space. If you are a family of four, you do not need a 12-piece cutlery setting, for example. Spend that valuable shopping time with family and friends outdoors or on vacation. Your home and you family will be happier in the end for it.

At 5 Star Moving & Storage, we want to help you get rid of the clutter before you move so that you can focus on the other exciting aspects of a new move like lots of extra space, a refreshing new start and the anticipation of a great new beginning for you and your family. Nothing feels better than knowing that your unwanted or unused items have gone to someone in need, leaving you only with the essentials. So, sit back, and leave the heavy lifting and moving details to us, you’ll be glad you did!

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