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Downsizing before your move: paper, paper, and more paper!

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Many people hold on to an unbelievable amount of paper during a move even though it adds to the overall weight of their property and increases their moving expenses. Before your next move, separate the piles as much as possible as follows:

Paper to recycle

  • Junk mail, retail catalogs, and old envelopes
  • Bills that you don’t need for future reference
  • Notes that you can transfer to electronic format
  • Non-keepsake books, magazines, and newspapers

What to keep:

  • Difficult-to-replace books, magazines, newspapers, and paperwork that document important times in your life, relate to your hobby or work, or hold some sort of monetary value (i.e. first edition books, school report cards, or a hundred-year-old newspaper)
  • Important paperwork related to your identity, home, and business (i.e. birth certificate, marriage license or divorce decree, insurance policies, auto and home maintenance records, business invoices and files, and tax forms and necessary receipts)

At 5 Star Moving & Storage, we understand that it’s hard to sort through and organize the paper that piles up in a home over time. Yet, you will only know regret if you wait to downsize: The paper will still be waiting in boxes after the move when all you really want to do is have a fresh, uncluttered start.

Our team treats our customers in Colorado Springs like family, which is why we regularly provide these types of helpful tips. For more information or to schedule a move with our experienced movers, call today.

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