Commercial Movers Colorado Springs

At 5 Star Moving and Storage Inc., we make it easy to change business locations quickly and efficiently in Colorado. We are commercial movers in Colorado Springs that will make your move as smooth as possible with our high quality moving services. We will completely dismantle, pack, ship, and re-install your entire commercial office with ease so you do not have to.

Even the computer, printer, and electronic equipment will be completely and safely relocated and set up again in your new space. Desks, shelving, and more will be re-assembled in your new space. We are careful to protect the carpeting, flooring, and furniture from damage and will use the many supports we have to ensure they are protected properly.
We specialize in all types of moves from commercial and business moves to residential, interstate, intrastate, military, and more. We even offer storage services too, to keep those unwanted items out of your space, safely in our 10,000 square foot storage facility. With commercial moving, it is important to not let the move disrupt regular schedules. With 5 Star Moving, we can even move your office overnight and have it up and running again in the morning so you do not have to lose valuable time in the process. Call us today!

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