Tips for Moving in Fall and Winter

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Tips for Moving in Fall and WinterIf you are looking for some great tips for moving in fall and winter, just give the professionals at 5 Star Moving and Storage in Colorado Springs a call. We can take care of all your moving needs no matter what the weather is outside, and you can sit back and enjoy the warmth in your warm and toasty home. Read on for some great tips that may interest you if you are planning a move during the cooler temperatures.

One great thing about moving during the fall or winter is that most people don’t, so that means it is not too busy when looking for a Colorado Springs moving company to help out! This is a time of more flexible schedules, and perhaps even cheaper rates. Be sure to ask whomever you hire about any discounts they may offer.

Start Early

Winter months mean less daylight and colder temperatures as the day wears on. Be sure to get an early start to allow yourself plenty of time for moving items in and out. You may also avoid potential falls from icy patches, and it will be more enjoyable if you’re not chilly or unable to see.

Keep Walkways Free of Ice and Snow

Obviously, taking a fall with your prized dishware will put a damper on the whole day, so save yourself the disappointment (and pain) by clearing your path for moving. Fall leaves should also be removed, as they too can become slippery.

Dress Appropriately

Another of our tips for moving in fall and winter is to dress in layers, starting with a bottom layer that will wick away the moisture and keep you from getting cold. As the temperature warms up, you can take off layers as needed. Wearing a warm hat will also hold heat in longer.

Weather Track

Be sure you follow the news on the forecast for the up and coming date of your residential move. If the weather changes for the worse, be flexible and have a backup plan and schedule. It is not worth it to take chances, especially with all your valuables.


Tracking snow, dirt and water in and out of the home can be dangerous and a potential fall risk. Place rubber non-slip mats down where needed, cardboard boxes, sheets or carpet to avoid unnecessary dirt and debris from trampling in.

Protect Your Items

Cold weather can cause glassware to be very brittle and break easily if exposed. That also goes for other items as well, so be sure to take precaution when you suspect something you own may be affected by the cooler temperatures or freeze. Proper packing can also help with this issue.

Hire a Professional

Professional movers are always the best option when considering a winter move, especially in Colorado Springs. They are trained in special driving skills to get your belongings where they need to be, and they can provide a stressless move during the cold.

Hopefully, these tips for moving in fall and winter have helped you make a good decision about the future of your winter move. 5 Star Moving and Storage is here to help and keep you on the inside, warm and toasty and free from worry during this exciting time in your life.

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