Preparing for a Winter Move

Preparing for a Winter Move 5 Star Moving Colorado SpringsToday, 5 Star Moving and Storage in Colorado Springs is here to provide some information on preparing for a winter move this year. With the facts, you can make a winter move easier and safer for you, your family and even your movers. There are definite benefits to considering a move in winter, so read on to learn more about making the big day go smoothly.

The Benefits fo Preparing for a Winter Move

Better Rates and Deals

One of the most enticing reasons for people to choose moving during the winter is how much you can save. You can potentially keep a chunk of money in your pocket due to reduced rates and other specials for winter moves. Since the summer time is the most popular time to move, it is much busier and more hectic for moving companies. With a winter move, you will be given the best rates available.

Better Professional Service

Along with saving money by preparing for a winter move, you will also receive other benefits including better customer service from your moving company, since you will be one of the few clients during the season. It is always nice to be at the top of the priority list. Of course, at 5 Star Moving and Storage in Colorado Springs, you will always receive first-class service no matter the season!

Better Movers

If you don’t choose 5 Star for a move, you’ll definitely need to make a winter move work to ensure the actual moving crew that comes to your home will be the cream of the crop. During the summer, most other moving companies will often bring in additional, less experienced movers to help out in a crunch. During a winter move, only the best professionals are kept on, so you get experienced professionals instead of newbies on the job. You’ll want to check on that – or give us a call for year-round pros who have each worked hundreds of household and commercial moves in the Colorado Springs area.

Ensuring a Successful Winter Moving Experience

Safety First

Safety is always crucial, especially when it comes to a residential move. Keeping your family and pets safer is a priority over cost and even convenience. When it comes to do-it-yourself versus hiring professional movers, a winter move may be the time to choose the safer option. With professional movers on the job, you and your family can stay safer and not risk injury. Let them take care of it and make your life easier.

Clear Walkways

For a safer day of moving, clear off any and all sidewalks and pathways needed to access the moving truck from the house. Use sand, kitty litter, or de-icing salt to add traction and diminish the risks of falling. This applies to both properties, the old house, and the new one.

Pad Thicker

With cold temperatures comes brittleness. Delicate items such as porcelain, china, glass, and other materials become more fragile in colder temperatures. For this reason, be sure to use extra packing materials for the job. Your packing company should have a surplus of this during the winter months so don’t be shy about asking for it. Moving from indoors where it is warm to non-climate controlled moving vans will invariably put some of your items at risk if not packed correctly. Use extra blankets and padding for anything susceptible to breakage.  Your movers will know how to do it right. Move plants using extra packing paper and especially bubble wrap will lead to better relocation results.

Keep it Warm Inside

Just as you must use more material to pack and pad your valuables, be sure to dress warm enough for a cold day moving. Ideally, dress in layers in case it warms up or your exertion warms you up. It is not a good idea to work up a sweat on a cold day.  So, maintain an even temperature with layered clothing for best results. Wear gloves for protection against the elements and for help gripping boxes in general.

An immensely appreciated gesture is to offer hot coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate to your movers. It will create an excellent mood for a chilly day move, and keep everybody motivated and warm inside.

Keep your Homes Safe and Clean

Keep both homes, old and new cleaner and with less damage by laying down plastic, cardboard, or polyethylene in high traffic areas. Secure these with tape at the sides to prevent slipping. You and the new homeowner will be delighted that you did so.

Vehicle Prep

Make sure that your own vehicle is winter driving ready to avoid any issues on the journey over to the new place. Check out this list of what to bring just in case inclement weather hangs out on move day:

  • Winter-ready wipers
  • Ice scrapers
  • Snow shovel or two
  • Tire chains
  • Extra fuel
  • Sand, salt, or kitty litter
  • Jumper cables
  • Tow strap
  • Flares
  • Flashlight
  • Water
  • Snacks such as energy bars
  • Blankets or sleeping bags
  • Extra clothing, hats, gloves, coats, socks, boots
  • Fully-charged cell phone
  • Money
  • Roadside assistance phone numbers
  • Emergency contact list
  • Emergency medical kit

Plans B and C

With all of your efforts and plans for moving day, just in case your Plan A cannot be carried out successfully, have multiple backups worked out when preparing for a winter move. Shorter days in winter encourage an early start, to avoid driving at night. The weather can get worse unexpectedly. Check the weather stations for news and updates.

New Home Prep

Make sure that your new home is ready for your arrival with the electricity turned on. Ideally, you can test the heating system and lights ahead of time too, to ensure a smoother and more comfortable transition. You won’t want to show up to your new home without the option to turn on the heat. Try to get this task done about a week ahead of the move date to work out any kinks ahead of time.

Preparing for a winter move is easier with help from 5 Star Moving and Storage. Our team of dedicated movers will help you from start to finish and get you safely moved to your new home. We are looking forward to scheduling your winter move soon.

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