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5 Star Moving & Storage Colorado Springs, CO

Within the 5 Star Moving & Storage blog, you’ll find helpful articles and insights into the moving industry to help prepare you for that big move.

moving supplies for your Colorado move

What to clean before moving out

Moving out can be chaotic and stressful, and it’s essential to prepare for it to ensure the process is as pain-free as possible. One way to achieve this is by cleaning your house early to avoid last-minute rushes. Here are some items you should clean before moving out: Refrigerator: empty it and deep clean the…
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Professional movers 5 Star Moving and Storage Colorado Springs

7 Signs you are dealing with a fake moving company

Moving can be complicated, emotional, and sometimes quite expensive. Plus, there’s bound to be issues during the process, especially when dealing with fake or unprofessional moving companies. Here are seven signs to help you know if you’re dealing with a fake mover: The movers have bad ratings They are not registered You don’t receive any…
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Moving during the coronavirus pandemic: What you need to know

The coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to many activities and businesses in the U.S. ever since the government announced a lockdown. However, you may have already scheduled a move before the outbreak and are wondering if you should go through with it. First, call your movers to know whether they are still providing services…
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finding boxes for your Colorado Springs move

5 mistakes to avoid when moving

Many people end up having a stressful and tiresome moving experience because of disorganization and improper planning. While there is no right way to move, there are many mistakes you can avoid for a smooth moving process. These include: Last-minute packing as you may forget some valuable items Leaving boxes unlabeled, making unpacking a challenge…
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Small home packing and moving service

Help! I’m stressed about moving

Moving is stressful for everyone since there are so many things to accomplish, such as packing, scheduling, unpacking, budgeting, and finding a new space/home. However, you can make moving less stressful by knowing what to expect and how to tackle it. First, give yourself enough time to get everything done. For example, start packing a…
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Moving boxes to pack and move

Moving day dos

Moving day can be hectic for anyone, especially if it’s your first time moving. There is not only a lot to remember, but also you have to stay on top of everything by tracking all items. Here are some dos that can help you have a stress-free move. Ensure your kids and pets are out…
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Small office packing and moving

3 simple steps to clean out your clutter before moving

Most people have too much stuff in their homes that they haven’t used in years. However, when moving, it doesn’t make sense to carry all the clutter with you to your new space. Instead, use this time to declutter and throw away or donate the extra belongings you have lying around. First, start with big…
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Commercial movers 5 Star Moving and Storage

How to safeguard your antiques in time for your next move

We understand that damage to antiques during a move can cause financial and emotional distress for our clients. The age and fragility of these items often makes repairs costly. Antiques can even lose value after repairs. Sometimes repairs aren’t possible at all and the items are irreplaceable, such as antiques that are rare or hold…
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family packing and moving

Are you a long way from home?

Or, to be precise, from your new home? Moving, even within a city or state, can be a stressful experience. This can be multiplied if you are moving interstate, or even covering thousands of miles across a large part of our country. You’ll expect affordable rates and appreciate that, for long-distance moves, there might be…
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finding boxes for your Colorado Springs move

Tips for downsizing and organizing belongings before your move

People often waste money during a move by failing to organize their belongings. They pay to transport items that they rarely or never use. They also spread out their belongings too much across unnecessary boxes. By following these tips, you can save money and have a stress-free move. Instead of holding onto items for “someday”…
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Professional movers 5 Star Moving and Storage Colorado Springs

Why you should leave moving & packing to the pros

Some people think that they’ll save a few dollars by renting a van and moving themselves. While it may seem like a smart idea, you’ll save yourself time, money, and headaches by leaving your move to the pros. Hourly van rentals can add up quickly, and improperly packed items can easily be damaged — or…
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Authorized military movers Colorado Springs

Storage with military precision

In terms of organization, of getting things done with peerless efficiency, we all know that our magnificent military is simply the best. As part of expected expertise, it’s so important that the highest standards are achieved covering all aspects of packing, shipping, and storage for our forces personnel while they are on assignment or overseas.…
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