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5 Star Moving & Storage Colorado Springs, CO

Within the 5 Star Moving & Storage blog, you’ll find helpful articles and insights into the moving industry to help prepare you for that big move.

family packing and moving

3 things you should write on your moving calendar

It’s no surprise that moving day can be complete chaos, but with the help of a moving calendar, you can keep things organized and under control. Here are 3 ways to use a moving calendar to help make your move less stressful. 1) Write down the day you should start packing and stick to that…
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Moving boxes to pack and move

The best places to find free moving boxes and supplies

People often attempt to move their homes and businesses without much preparation, which means that they then have to search for boxes and other moving supplies at the last minute. Although many moving companies sell these items, some people don’t have enough money in their budgets to afford the added expense. If you don’t have…
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Moving and packing 5 Star Moving Colorado Springs

3 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Calm During a Big Move

If you have pets, you may start to notice some odd behavior a few weeks before a move. Pets are very aware of changes in routine and often show signs of stress in many different ways. Here are three tips to keep your pet calm during a big move. 1) Try to feed, walk, and…
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Commercial movers 5 Star Moving and Storage

Tips for packing before moving

When you are about to move home, how you pack your items will determine your ease of access to them as you unpack. First, ensure all your storage containers are labeled. Labeling makes unpacking easier. You can also number each box to know which order to unpack them in. Second, pack your delicate items separately…
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family packing and moving

Smart Tips for Choosing a Commercial Moving Company

Have you been in a situation where you have worked hard to gather supplies and figure out logistics but have no idea where to start on hiring a commercial moving company? Well, here are some smart tips to consider before choosing a commercial moving company. Moving company estimates When choosing a commercial mover, don’t go…
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Packing boxes near me

Tips for unpacking after you move

Congratulations on your new move! Now comes the daunting task of unpacking! Here a few tips to keep in mind once you get to your new home. Don’t rush Allow yourself at least a week or more to unpack and find a place for everything. However, some moving companies, like 5 Star Moving and Storage,…
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Commercial moving van

How to fit moving into your busy work schedule

Sometimes moving feels like a full-time job. If you already have a full-time job, you may be wondering where you’ll ever find the time to get all of your belongings packed and moved. It can feel like an impossible challenge, but with these three tips, it doesn’t have to be. 1. Break it up The…
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Local moving van Colorado Springs

3 Reasons to use a Military Approved Mover

If you’re in the military, chances are you’ve moved before and know the challenges that can come with relocating. Next time you move, consider these 3 reasons to hire Military approved movers: 1. Make life easier – 5 Star Moving and storage takes the stress off you and your family with a range of services,…
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Small home packing and moving service

3 Easy Steps to Eliminate the Clutter When You Move

Moving can be an intimidating task, especially when you have lots of family heirlooms and prized possessions to keep track of. Follow these three steps and hire a moving company or storage company to facilitate your move. 1. Set Up An Area: Dedicate a room in your current place to be the “moving” room. This…
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saving money on your moving expenses

10 things to think about when budgeting for a move

1. Professional moving companies can save time and money. 2. Sell unneeded items on online. 3. Dollar stores are your friend! 4. Need boxes? Think about visiting your local recycling center! 5. Read up on storage unit locations in the area that you are moving to. 6. Come up with an “emergency fund” for unexpected…
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Professional movers Colorado Springs

Finding movers with star quality

If it’s time for you to choose a moving company in Colorado Springs, a good place to start is finding experts you can trust. The best thing about moving to this beautiful area could be the journey itself – knowing that your possessions are coming safely with you, professionally packaged, and at an affordable rate.…
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