Movers Colorado

All movers in Colorado are not created equal. That is why we, at 5 Star Moving and Storage, are just what our name says…5 Star. 

We know how stressful a long distance, residential, or commercial move can be on most people, and that is our mission at 5 Star Moving and Storage, to make your life, and move, a lot easier. Let us do everything for you from start to finish. From packing up your home, to safely getting your belongings to their destination, and even helping in the unpacking, if need be. We are always there for you, every step of the way. Our secure air ride vans offer a smooth, safe ride, and our certified and bonded employees are always ready for any type of move. 

 We also have a great storage facility with units to accommodate even the largest of household items that cannot possibly go with you at the time. Our units are safe, secure, and air temperature controlled for unsurpassed assurance in leaving your items behind for awhile. So, next time you need movers in Colorado, you now know who to call. 

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