Millennials are prime targets for moving company scammers

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Millennials are prime targets for moving company scammersSo you think scammers of all kinds are just targeting the elderly, working class, or poorly educated? Think again. In the moving business especially, millennials are prime targets for moving company scammers. The Better Business Bureau has done a study and survey, and the findings are quite surprising. They found that those who lost money to scammers were actually between the ages of 25-44 with a college education, while those over age 75 and with a high school education were the least likely to fall victim. It seems that the more mature population is keen to know the situation when it comes to scammers, while the younger ones are more trusting and lacking the lifetime of experience to know better. It is always best to do your research when searching for a moving company to ensure they are bonded, insured and respected in their community. 5 Star Moving and Storage is one of those companies worth checking out, having an incredible track record of providing fantastic services for all your moving needs. 

Moving your home or relocating is a stressful time and some moving companies see this time as an opportunity to cash in on people’s weaknesses. “Fly by night” operations are seeking out the millennials because they can be taken advantage of as prime targets. They can scam by not delivering to your intended destination, price discrepancies, lost or damaged goods, and even combative employees. The most vulnerable of people are inexperienced movers, seniors, college students, and those needing long distance relocating. Many businesses and professionals hire moving companies to help relocate their employees or move some of their products which can be worth a lot of money. Losing these items or personal effects can be devastating, but it is extremely avoidable if you take the time and hire a reputable source, like 5 Star Moving & Storage. 

Be sure to get some estimates from these moving companies, and at least three quotes are the perfect amount, from there you need to know what your rights are and be sure to ask for all the credentials they have. Read all documents carefully, avoiding signing anything that is blank or that you do not understand. Get insurance on all your items to protect from lost, stolen or damaged items. If you have an unusual request for a down payment or just a suspicious feeling, go with your gut instincts and opt out. Anything of great value or importance should be taken with you and not left in the hands of others, and always ask questions if you are uncertain about something. These may seem like common sense information, but it is surprising how many people, especially millennials that become the prime targets for moving company scammers. Don’t be another victim of a growing scam that is upsetting and disappointing, do your due diligence and make the right choice, get substantial research and all the facts. 5 Star Moving & Storage is a great starting point to get you well on your way to a satisfying move whether near or far.

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