Moving boxes to pack and move

Lists help your move go better

One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving is underestimating the entire process. Many people end up having a stressful and tiresome moving experience because of disorganization and improper planning. While there is no right way to move, there are many mistakes you can avoid for a smooth moving process.

Moving involves many different steps, from planning and packing to loading and unpacking. Without extra help, it can quickly get frustrating.

That’s why you need to hire professional movers, whether you’re moving down the street or to another state. Professional movers streamline the moving process for you by helping you pack, load, and unpack within no time. This takes your mind away from the stress of moving, allowing you to concentrate on settling in your new space.

Here are a few reasons to hire movers instead of doing it yourself:

  • Reliability – movers are more professional and highly trained, unlike friends or family you might consider asking. They also won’t bail on the day of moving!
  • Speed – movers will work faster and get the job done quicker. The faster the hard work is done, the sooner you can focus on relaxing in your new place!
  • Safety – A moving company will ensure all your items arrive safe and undamaged to your new place.

Start your moving plans right with an organized binder of lists! Yes, that’s right — you need more than one list for proper project management. How many lists? Well, that depends on the complexity of your move. You may need more lists if it is a cross-country move versus a cross-town move. More lists are involved, too, if you have.

Other tips to make your move go smoothly

  • Donation List: Go through each room/garage/storage, pack up, drop off or arrange pickup
  • Items for Permanent Storage: Set aside a dedicated area, pack properly/label, arrange new facility rental
  • Photograph Items/Rooms: Snapshots of belongings for inventory, photograph properties (old & new)
  • Change-of-Address: Complete Post Office form, contact insurance companies, call credit card, email friends/family
  • Timeline: List goals as a countdown for the weeks before the move, and what to accomplish

These are some basic guidelines for moving lists, and they get more specific with your personal details and needs. Keep your list collection handy and add or remove as you decide what works best for you and your family.

Contact your favorite Colorado Springs Mover — 5 Star Moving & Storage — for more move suggestions any time!

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