How to Help Your Moving Company

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How to Help Your Moving Company 5 Star Moving Colorado SpringsToday, 5 Star Moving and Storage in Colorado Springs offers our insight on how to help your moving company. This will greatly help the whole moving process go more smoothly. Moving day is stressful, but with some planning, focus and these ideas from 5 Star Moving and Storage, you will find that it can actually be a much less overwhelming process.

Finish on Time

There’s nothing worse than waiting until the last minute to complete a task in a rushed panic! If you can finish packing your house before your residential movers arrive, they will appreciate it, and it will save you money, especially if you are paying hourly! Otherwise, the movers may have to wait for you to finish packing. In the meanwhile, you’ll be racking up time and fees.

Stick Around

Even though you got all of your work done ahead of time, that doesn’t mean that your presence is not needed. Movers may have questions or need clarification in any number of situations. Stick around and be available to answer questions for your moving company. They will appreciate it!

Valuables Stay with You

Just so you can keep track of things, you’re welcome to keep your cash, jewelry, important documents, and prescription medication with you at all times. Make it clear to the movers what stays with you or pack it up in your vehicle before they arrive. This will save a lot of trouble and headaches on moving day.

It’s Their Job

You got it, this is not their first rodeo! Your residential movers have been around the block a few times (literally) and know what they are doing. While a walk-thru to discuss the scope of your move and any special handling requests are great, have some trust in your moving team and let them do their job. Be there for support and maybe set out some water to keep your crew hydrated.

Label Boxes

Writing down the destination room on each box will make your life a lot easier. Your movers will get it to the right spot and when unpacking, you’ll be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Label Fragile Items

Labeling boxes that contain fragile or delicate items will help your movers be extra careful. Professional movers pay attention to labels, so the more you can do to describe what’s inside, the better!

Heavy Items = Small Boxes

Items such as books must go inside of smaller boxes in order to be moved efficiently. This will help to avoid any injuries and prevent a large, heavy box from crushing another box filled with your valuables.

Empty Furniture

Dressers, armoires, buffets, desks, and anything with drawers should be emptied out. This will make the piece lighter and more manageable for your residential movers. Items can shift around, drawers can spill out and other incidents may occur if furniture pieces are not emptied.

Moving Truck Access

Make sure that the moving truck will have the access it needs. Issues like parking, metered parking, moving hours, and more can really put a damper on the moving process if not adequately address ahead of time. Help your movers by knowing the rules and sorting out the logistics ahead of time.

Knowing how to help your moving company will make your moving day a lot better for everyone. You’ll avoid delays, potentially spend less and take on a lot less stress. Moving houses? Call the pros at 5 Star Moving and Storage for a friendly and reliable move by a time that loves to help its customers.