15 Amazing Tips to Simplify Moving

How to Simplify Moving with These 15 Tips5 Star Moving & Storage wants to share how to simplify moving with these 15 tips. As a company you can rely on for service, honesty, and accountability, we hope these great ideas will help you in your next moving endeavor. Most moves are an exciting time for people, with new adventures and new beginnings, so don’t let moving stress you out! Follow these tips for a successful move, every time.

  1. LOOK for the PROFESSIONALS: A lot of homeowners don’t realize just how big of a job moving can be. While it is sometimes possible to gather up the neighbors, friends, and family come moving day, other times it might be a different story. Sometimes excuses can leave you high and dry with a mountain of boxes and work, not to mention other deadlines when moving day arrives. Do some research and seek out the help of a reputable and reliable moving company. Ask for quotes and references, then weigh your options if you decide to go the professional route.
  1. DECLUTTER: Probably one of the hardest realities but most important steps to simplify moving, is getting rid of stuff. Why carry extra “baggage” around with us from home to home, or room to room? Is it really what you need in your life? Get some help with this one, and make it a fun and enjoyable experience. Invite over a friend, to be honest with you and the extra stuff that you have grown attached to. Hold up items and decide if they stay or do they go. This will surely simplify moving.
  1. ORGANIZE: Once you have the items that you DON’T want, now you can decide whether to sell them online, have a garage sale, give to charity, or any other type of donation system in your community. It is an excellent way to give back to your town or even make a little money to help pay for moving expenses.
  1. CHOOSE A MOVING DAY: Believe it or not, selecting the right day can make a huge difference in savings. By selecting a weekday versus a weekend, you may get a significant discount, and keep in mind that certain months are more demanding than others, such as summertime being a busy time for most companies.
  1. GET YOUR PACKING SUPPLIES READY: This is a huge time saver when it comes to packing your house. Why not save even more time while you are picking up your tape, felt pens, etc. and ask the hardware store if they have any old boxes they are getting rid of.
  1. PACK UP DECORATIVE ITEMS: Your walls may look a little bare and empty, but this time saver will be a blessing when push comes to shove on moving day. Take down pictures, wall decorations, fragile items, knick knacks, and anything taking up space. The more you do now, the less anxiety will ensue come moving day.
  1. GET YOUR PAPERS IN ORDER: This means changing your address and sending out notices to utility companies, friends, and family. Cancel any subscriptions you will not need anymore, credit card statements and bills.
  1. LABEL, LABEL, LABEL: Labeled boxes are your friend. Numbering boxes will help you know which boxes need unpacking first and labeling them with what room they are from such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, makes unpacking a breeze. Have stuff headed to a storage facility? Label those boxes clearly!
  1. HEAVY ITEMS: These should be placed in small boxes, so they are easy to carry for either you or your movers. Your back will thank you, and you may save yourself a lot of broken items and split boxes.
  1. PROTECT YOUR ITEMS: Don’t pack any blankets, pillows, towels or foam you may have around. These are great ways to pack your fragile dishes in or around other breakables.
  1. PERSONAL PACK: To simplify moving, don’t forget your personal toiletry bag with a change of clothes and any medications you may need when you arrive at your new place. Be sure to set it aside somewhere where the movers or helpers won’t accidentally throw it in with the other items.
  1. USE YOUR STORAGE BINS: Or even your garbage cans and laundry baskets to pack belongings in. Especially useful for crafts and odds and ends.
  1. LOAD THE HEAVY STUFF FIRST: By putting in your furniture and heavier items first, you can evenly distribute the weight in the van as well as free up extra space for your boxed items on top, not to mention better protection for the items in boxes. If you have opted for a professional moving company, they are trained in this task, and will more than likely tell you which items need to go in first.
  1. PETS/KIDS: A word of wisdom with pets and children. This can be a stressful event for them, so be sure to line up a babysitter and kennel or pet sitter. Not only will it keep them out of the way and avoid mishaps, but it will also be much more relaxing for all parties involved.
  1. CELEBRATE: Once you have finally signed off with the movers and are sitting with your feet up in your new living room, it will be rewarding to know that by being organized and following a moving procedure, it was well worth all the effort. Celebrate and enjoy!

Now that you know how to simplify moving with these 15 tips remember the most important aspect is to HAVE FUN! Try to keep an optimistic and cheerful outlook while moving. Having help will make the day go quicker and keep spirits up too! Hiring 5 Star Moving & Storage is also a good way to ensure an easy and fun move. We have many years in the industry, be it short or long distance moves, and we are bonded, insured and genuine when it comes to your belongings and welfare during a move. We also provide storage units that are heated, secure, and large for any items you may not quite have a spot for yet. Ask about our senior and veteran discounts too. Contact us today.

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