How to Pack Your Wardrobe for Moving

Moving and packing 5 Star Moving Colorado Springs5 Star Moving & Storage in Colorado Springs is here to help you move with our tips on how to pack your wardrobe for moving. Your wardrobe is a significant part of your life and keeping it available and where you need it at all times is essential. Check out this helpful guide to get some great ideas to help you keep track of your clothing essentials even during a move.


We find that grouping like clothing together facilitates the process of moving and unpacking. You will be able to find what you need more easily, and that will indeed make your life better. Keep similar clothes together for similar needs, such as work, so you don’t have to waste time searching for particular items. 


You will most definitely need to get to your comfy clothes first, before any formalwear, so keep those together and deal with the formal clothing later on. Before moving to a new home, you may also want to pack your business clothes, workout clothes, or other specific-use clothing together.


When it’s time to pack your wardrobe for moving, be sure to separate out your clothing according to different materials. Be more careful with silks, natural fibers, and delicate materials. And remember that woolen fabrics take up the most space. Whereas, polyesters can be thrown into just about anything and not even wrinkle. This sorting will help you find what you are looking for easier later.


Seasonal clothing such as winter and summer clothes are better separated. This will make the access easier now and later. Your summer clothes are smaller and will take up less space. Whereas, your winter wear is bulkier. Either can be used for filling in gaps during packing. Whichever season it is not, use those clothes to pad items while packing for your move. For instance, fluffy winter sweaters make an excellent padded base inside boxes.

Size and Shape

Separate out your pants from your shirts and so on. Taking this step when you pack your wardrobe for moving saves space and makes it easier to find what you are looking for when you need it most.

Pack Up

Place the separated out clothing into large and medium boxes. Fold and face opposite to keep the surface level inside the box, for more efficient packing. Clearly label and seal up boxes with packing tape. As long as you write what is inside, you should have no problem finding what you need when the time comes. Some people like to fold their clothes inside out so that when you take them out, the wrinkles relax easier.

Heavy Items and Bundling

Place the heaviest item on the bottom when you pack your wardrobe for moving. They are generally stronger and can take the pressure of other items on top. Then, use the bundling method to save even more space. Layer like items, one on top of the other. Use a small pouch of things such as underwear to be the center then fold the pile into one piece. This will help with eliminating unnecessary wrinkles.

Also, make sure everything is clean and dry. Otherwise, mold, mildew, and stains can spread throughout and ruin everything in its path. Although, leave repairs and dry cleaning until after the move is over.


Could anything be made better for storing and transporting clothing than a suitcase? Suitcases are the perfect way to pack your wardrobe for moving. Neatly fold up your most delicate and expensive clothing, as the suitcase is designed to provide the ultimate in protection. Most likely, all of your clothes will not fit into only a few suitcases. Plus, you may want to use the wheeled suitcases for bulky items such as books or other delicate household items. You can decide which is best.

Vacuum Bags and Garbage Bags

There are upsides and downsides to using vacuum sealed bags or garbage bags. The downside is the slippery-ness that comes with using plastic versus cardboard boxes. Try stacking plastic bags one on top of the other, and you may find yourself frustrated trying to get them to stay where you put them.

But the upside to using plastic bags, whether vacuum sealed or not, is the ease and convenience. You don’t have to run out to buy any special boxes. You probably have plenty of plastic bags in your home. When using garbage bags, cut a hole for about a dozen hangers to fit through, then zip tie them in place. Then tie a knot or use packing tape on the bottom side to keep anything from falling out.

Plastic Wrap

This is an easy option to use as you can place any amount of clothing to wrap up. Also, it is generally see-through, so you can see what you have there as opposed to a black garbage bag that remains a mystery. Another benefit to using plastic wrap is that it is not slippery when stacking and packing, so you will not feel the same frustration that you do with other plastic bags.


If you don’t want to mess with any of the plastic options when you pack your wardrobe for moving to a new home, turn to an old standard, the bed sheet. Spread out a sheet and load it up starting with larger clothing first. When you think there is enough and not too much for carrying, wrap it up and tie it closed. You’ll look like Santa for a moment as you load up your vehicle or moving truck with this bundle.

Wardrobe Boxes

By far, wardrobe boxes are the easiest and most efficient option for packing hanging clothing. They have a bar to hang clothes on, so you can easily transfer your clothes from closet to box in a jiffy. These are great for your business clothes, dresses, formal wear, suits or dry cleaned clothing, as it will keep it in the best shape, even wrinkle-free, during the move.

Now that you know how to pack your wardrobe for moving, you will have a better time transitioning from one home to the next. For even more moving advice and all the help you need, contact the team at 5 Star Moving & Storage in Colorado Springs for a great moving experience.