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How to move away from a bad situation

The pandemic has brought out both the best and worst in humanity. In the latter case, reports of abuse and domestic violence have gone up worldwide. A lot of people have discovered via stay-at-home orders, work-at-home requirements, and mandated quarantines that continuing to live with their loved ones might not be healthy for them any longer.

A move is a stressful event even under normal circumstances. To make your relocation less stressful, talk to a mover about a “privacy” or “safety” move. At some point or another, all moving companies have helped someone move out of a bad situation. A mover can usually offer the following:

  • Extra arrangements and planning to help you move as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible
  • Assistance with same-day packing of your belongings since these moves often require last-minute packing
  • Increased discretion when contacting you about the move and when receiving calls related to you
  • Understanding about sudden moving schedule changes that you have to make for your safety

At 5 Star Moving & Storage, we understand that some moves require more preparation and care than others, especially when a person is trying to leave an unsafe environment. Whether you’re moving across town or out-of-state, we can help you come up with a personalized moving strategy. Contact our experienced team for more information.

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