Packing boxes near me

A simple process for effective packing

When still a few days from moving home, it’s easy to end up in a ‘the wrong half-packed’ situation. This means that you suddenly need items that are deep in one of the boxes you’ve already filled – and probably right at the bottom!

To avoid this, start with ‘unused or out-of-season’ items – packing away those things that you know you will definitely not be needing, such as summer clothes or garden accessories during a Coloradan winter! Think also of rooms – such as a dining room – that you can live without for a few days and pack items used in them away too.

Finally, as you undertake your major final pack, don’t forget to include a ‘must-have-immediately’ box for a first night in your new home.

The experienced team at Colorado Springs movers, Five Star Moving & Storage, are ready to offer practical help, either in packing for you or providing the materials to allow you to pack effectively for yourselves…

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