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Moving Can Be Challenging But It Doesnt Have To BE

Moving is difficult – most everyone can agree on that. You must deconstruct months and years of work into a series of boxes just to unpack and reconstruct in a new set of dimensions. Doing all that work alone is a challenge, to say the least, which is why so many opt in to using a moving company. Selecting the right moving company for your work or personal affairs isn’t an easy decision no matter where you are or where you are going. There are dozens of factors to consider:

  • Credibility
  • Safety Protocols
  • Packing and Storage Services
  • Cost
  • Additional Fees
  • Insurance
  • Employee skill level and technique

…And still others that can only be determined by your specific travel needs.

For those of you in the Colorado Springs area, you can happily rely on 5 Star Moving and Storage to satisfy your standards in these categories. We understand that everyone’s situation is different, which is why we take the time to understand how to best meet your needs. Specializing in full-service commercial and residential moving services, we offer a wide variety of service packages to suit the needs of different movers:

  • Apartment (small or large)
  • Business, including a single office or an entire relocation
  • Customized moving plan
  • Long and short distance moving
  • Military
  • Storage

Our staff has years of experience moving, packing, and storing all kinds of household items, and come fully prepared with equipment needed to move with ease. Standard assistance includes furniture and other heavy lifting, loading and unloading your items, and home/business staging. Additionally, boxes and other supplies you may need to start the packing process can be provided. You can even obtain assistance in packing your precious belongings; our team members take extra care to ensure that each item is safely stored in an appropriate container.

As an attest to our credibility, we have a slew of glowing reviews and recommendations from our valued customers. For example, Lisa Matasso raved about her THIRD move with us saying, “The team that moved us was very careful with everything we own, very respectful and efficient. The gentleman leading the crew was a fantastic example to the team.”

Unfortunately, as much as Lisa’s review is one of absolute positivity, there are other less appealing notes from previous patrons. We do everything within our power to ensure a great moving experience for everyone, but natural disasters and unforeseen circumstances can be a wrench in an otherwise seamless process. This puts a damper on any travel, which is why we offer three different levels of insurance:

  • Limited Liability
  • Added Valuation
  • Full Value

The limited liability is our standard coverage that is offered for free by federal law. This ensures that if your property is damaged during the move that the mover will pay 60 cents for every pound of the individual item in question. Needless to say, this won’t cover much for priceless antiques or family heirlooms that can’t easily be replaced or repaired.

5 Star Moving and Storage highly recommends the added valuation package for these kinds of specialty items. With this insurance, your items are covered based on how much they are worth on the market, minus any depreciation value based on factors not associated with the destruction. Of course, this still leaves room for gaps in the replacement/repair cost that would still have to be covered by you individually.

If you want to ensure absolute protection and restoration of all your items, you should get the full value package. This will get you the most protection for your money spent as it covers the actual cost of repair or placement in its entirety despite any depreciation loss. Before selecting this option, we recommend reviewing your homeowner’s insurance. Many insurances cover costs of damage done to your items during a move – we don’t want you to pay for something that you don’t need!

You can always call to ask our friendly staff any additional questions or concerns you have about our process and costs. We strive to assist each patron with a decision that will be beneficial for them and their wallets.

If you’re looking to store your items, we offer a secure long-term storage warehouse of 10,000 square-feet. While long-term is our specialty, we can also offer short-term storage options. Your items will be housed in an individual vault for a competitive rate! In fact, all of our rates across moving, storing, and insurance are comparably better to the competition. Give us a call today and see how much you can save on your next move!

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